Occlusion and Dental Function - Lafayette, IN A beautiful smile begins with a healthy foundation

Occlusion and Dental Function, Lafayette, IN

A beautiful smile begins with a healthy foundation

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“Occlusion” may not be a term you hear very often, but it’s something us dentists think about critically every single day. Oral conditions that occur because of bad occlusion (when teeth do not fit together properly) will not be resolved without tailored dental function repair treatments. Similarly, if teeth do not align correctly or function harmoniously, cosmetic and restorative treatments will not last.

To put it simply, occlusion is the critical oral foundation needed to achieve accurate dental function as well as an attractive smile. This is also necessary to assure the health and longevity of both natural and restored teeth. Creating the most ideal occlusion is a crucial part of the oral care we provide. This approach is the driving force in all of Allure Dental’s treatments.

In order to have lasting success, our comprehensive method demands high levels of detail and skill as well as a thorough understanding of the neuromuscular, functional, and aesthetic aspects of a human smile. All of our dentists adequately satisfy these requirements.

The Long-Term Benefits of Proper Occlusion

  • Manages or resolves chronic pain
  • Improves airways and breathing
  • Corrects misalignment permanently
  • Reduces or eliminates TMJ issues
  • Assures success and longevity of restorations

There Is More to Your Smile Than Just Teeth

Comprehensive Treatment From
LVI-Trained Dentists

Our dentists have received advanced clinical training in the health, function, and relationship between the teeth, jaw, joints, and muscles from the renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Having this background means that we are equipped to diagnose and treat issues related to improper occlusion before pursuing more permanent cosmetic and restorative treatments.

Because correct dental function is directly related to case success, we leverage advanced technology, including the T-Scan™ occlusion analysis system and i-CAT™ 3-D cone beam imaging, to improve diagnoses and procedures. All of these allow us to achieve long-term success in any treatment.


Three Critical Components to Achieve Ideal
Dental Function



While occlusion is the foundation of a healthy, functioning smile, the initial bite analysis is necessary for determining the best treatment to achieve great results. We use T-Scan™ technology to obtain science-backed measurements on the current occlusion of a patient’s bite. The findings are used to educate patients about their oral condition and to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment.



Building a strong dental foundation is the first step towards creating long-lasting functional and aesthetic smiles. Proper occlusion is oftentimes achieved through Invisalign® treatment, which is customized to produce the most advantageous results. We utilize Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten teeth, correct the bite, and resolve issues related to the temporomandibular joint.



The materials used must be able to imitate the natural appearance of teeth and withstand the normal pressures of biting and chewing, even with proper occlusion. We choose only best-in-class products to create the most natural and lasting results. From Keystone Dental implants to highly durable porcelain veneers, the restorative components we offer are made to function for many years.

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