Who Is A Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dental treatment that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth. In addition, certain treatments also offer restorative benefits, although cosmetic dental treatments are often optional rather than necessary. 

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Lafayette IN? Discover below the most typical procedures and how they work to stay informed on the procedures;

Differences Between Cosmetic Dentistry And General Dentistry

General dentists are the primary providers of dental care. They provide preventive treatments, including dental cleanings and corrective dental treatments, such as crowns, fillings, and bridges. Preventive care focuses on preventing dental problems from occurring in the first place. Most dental procedures can restore the appearance and improve functionality and health. On the other hand, the primary goal of a cosmetic dentist is to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. They offer services designed to improve the appearance of the teeth or gums in the mouth. These services may include;

1. Bonding With Composites

In composite bonding chipped, decayed or discolored teeth are restored with materials that match the shade of the enamel. The dentist drills into the decayed tooth to apply composite to its surface and shape it into the desired form before treating it with a high-intensity laser. The treatment, also known as “bonding,” effectively conceals the damage to your tooth and gives it the appearance of a healthy natural tooth. Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments for people with cavities, chipped or broken teeth, or damaged edges.

2. Inlays And Onlays

Inlays and Onlays, as a form of cosmetic dentistry, are indirect restorations from the dental laboratory. Dentists use them whenever your tooth develops mild to severe decay or when you have insufficient tooth structure for a filling. If your cusp or a larger part of your tooth is destroyed, the dentist may opt for an Onlay that encloses the entire tooth surface.

Onlays and inlays used to be made of gold, but today they’re usually made in a dental laboratory from porcelain and ceramic composite elements. The dentist then bonds them to the teeth with adhesive dental cement. They can support your teeth, restore their shape, and prevent further damage or wear.

3. Veneers For The Teeth

Dental veneers are specially designed crowns placed on natural teeth by dentists and are often made of medical ceramics. They look very lifelike and can correct various esthetic problems, including cracked or chipped enamel, crooked teeth, and noticeable gaps between teeth. The dentist bonds the veneers to each tooth front using dental adhesive.

4. Teeth Contouring

When contouring, the dentist removes very little enamel from your teeth to change their shape. Since you have a limited amount of natural enamel, there is an upper limit to the amount of enamel the dentist can remove. Your dentist can perform tooth contouring in one appointment.

Gum Contouring

There are people with excessive gum tissue from birth. It results in a “gummy” or unbalanced grin. During gum contouring, the dentist removes excess gum tissue to realign the gum line, so your smile looks symmetrical and harmonious.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for replacing broken or injured teeth. The dentist inserts a tiny titanium screw in place of the lost tooth; it reinforces the crown. The implants seamlessly match the adjacent teeth. Once the supporting tissue and bone have fused with the prosthesis, it sits firmly in place. Patients should maintain good oral hygiene before and after implant surgery to remove debris and food particles from the area.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dental treatments is teeth whitening. The dentist usually performs it in a single appointment in his office. A dental hygienist first removes tartar, plaque, or other particles from the surface of each tooth to restore its natural appearance. Then, the dentist bleaches the teeth to achieve an even lighter shade of their natural hue.

Teeth can become discolored and damaged over time due to food particles, alcohol, medications, and habits like smoking. Teeth whitening, on the other hand, covers your teeth and can be performed in a dental clinic or at home. Patients can also use toothpaste to achieve similar results in a week or two. The product lightens teeth by more than three shades to achieve optimal results in one month.

Can Anyone Undergo Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

You can undergo cosmetic dental treatment if your gums and teeth are healthy. However, if you suffer from severe gum disease or tooth decay, your dentist will focus on treating these conditions first. After you have restored your smile, you can decide which cosmetic procedures you would like to consider.

Who Can Benefit From Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Cosmetic dental treatment may be an option for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • Cosmetic dental surgery can be ideal if your teeth are broken or chipped.
  • You should consider cosmetic dental surgery if you have gaps or cavities between your teeth.
  • Also, cosmetic surgery can help remove stains and discoloration on your teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth can equally benefit from cosmetic dental treatment
  • If you have misaligned teeth, cosmetic dental treatment is an option worth considering.

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

It depends on the dentist’s cosmetic procedure and the number of teeth undergoing the procedure. For example, those who undergo dental bonding on a single tooth can return to their normal activities immediately. For tooth bonding, on the other hand, you will need to take a day or two off from your normal activities. Your dentist can tell you what recovery time you should expect.

Make sure you choose a cosmetic dentist who specializes in the treatment option you are considering for cosmetic dental treatment. They will assist you in choosing the most appropriate techniques for you and give you further advice.

At Allure Dental, we believe dental care encompasses more than just brushing, flossing, and eliminating cavities. It’s a means of transportation that can take you from uncertainty and dread to a state of joy and confidence in the blink of an eye. Our goal is to provide long-term therapeutic results to improve your daily well-being. Combining long-term functionality with outstanding beauty in a comfortable and calming environment is at the heart of the highest level of cosmetic dentistry. Want to learn more about us? Visit our website at https://alluredental.com/ to learn more about our services.

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